tisdag 4 oktober 2011

111004 - typiskt...

O: I tell you the details tomorrow.. tamam?
Jag: ARE U SERIOUS?? do you know how stressful this is? you cant tell me tomorrow? then i have just a few hours to print the tickets and book the stupid train tickets!
O: haha calm down girl!
Jag: No i cant calm down. I can't help it. Im that kind of person who really hates when everything is in the last minute. I like to have everything planned in advance. And its gonna be so stressful now. I haven't even packed yet and im leaving tomorrow!
O: Askim.. You're leaving on saturday..
Jag: oh.. heheh.. Why haven't you told me that you changed the date yarrakkk ?? :)))) (dödens blick)

jävla fan för han....

typ så känner jag nu..

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Jag accepterar INTE spammkommentarer, kommentarer fulla med länkar eller något som anses stötande mot mig eller mina nära. Men däremot är ni väldigt välkomna med att skriva positiva saker :) MAKE LOVE NOT WAR! hihi